Insegnare Cinecittà: Guided Tours And Workshops In Lis (Italian Sign Language)
Cinecittà Shows Off is working to become even more inclusive and extend the opportunity of visiting Cinecittà and learning about the Seventh Art to those who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing.  The In-segnare Cinecittà Project has new guided paths, specifically created for people who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, promoted with special videos.
The legendary studios of Cinecittà are accessible to visitors who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, both for Italian and non-Italian speakers, thanks to the targeted activity of the Educational Department and guides specialised in sign language:  the language that uses a codified system of hand signals, facial expressions and body movements to express specific meanings.
Guided tours are available for various age ranges, individuals, families and schools with deaf and/or hard-of-hearing students.
Additionally, workshops focusing on chroma-key technology have been developed in Italian sign language for children aged from 5 to 11 and 12 to 18.  There are interactive tours of the sets for children aged from 7 to 14 and guided tours for all ages.
This new offer from Cinecitta Shows Off, in line with the 2012 Manifesto of Culture Accessible to All, aims to «bring together all the links that connect the cultural experience, in a setting that combines openness, ease of use and pleasure, to provide a chain of accessibility that permits everyone to enjoy their visit, in conditions that guarantee independence, comfort and safety, and to leave satisfied and happy”.
It represents a significant addition to the 2018-19 activities of Cinecittà Shows Off, making the Studios an increasingly accessible exhibition area, that is open to everyone, including all visitors with special needs, who may now enjoy this exceptional place of culture and history, appreciated annually by 90,000 visitors from around the world.
The In-segnare Cinecittà project is articulated in two main pathways:
– Guided tours in sign language by a trained deaf and/or hard-of-hearing docent without the intermediation of an interpreter, for the deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, for both Italian speakers and non-Italian speakers:
– Guided tours with both a trained deaf and/or hard-of-hearing docent using sign language together with a fully hearing docent for a mixed group of visitors (both deaf or hard-of-hearing and fully hearing) that offers an inclusive experience.

All the tours can be booked by writing to

Routes available:

  • Guided tours
  • Guided tours of the sets
  • Guided tours of the Cinecittà Studios specifically designed for groups of deaf and/or hard-of-hearing visitors with a docent trained in sign language.  The sets offer a journey through time and space, revealing the invention and the history of these film productions.


Animated tours

Walking through Ancient Rome
5- 7 year olds
Animated tour of the sets
An evocative story route, co-lead by both deaf and/or hard-of-hearing and fully hearing guides, which offers an immersive didactic experience while discovering the temples, arches, columns and colours of the architecture of the past and the gods and people of Ancient Rome on the permanent set in Cinecittà.  A fun, didactic map will be supplied so that each participant can create their own memories of the experience with drawings and collage.

Travelling through the city of cinema
8- 13 year olds
Animated tour of the sets
An inclusive tour created for school classes with both deaf and/or hard-of-hearing and fully hearing students which offers a participative visit to the Cinecittà sets of the Temple of Jerusalem and Ancient Rome.  Brief learning activities help to actively engage students in the tour where they discover the secrets and behind-the-scenes life of the city of cinema.

Full Green Ahead!
5 – 18 year olds
Interactive visit to the exhibition and workshop
An inclusive tour created for school classes with both deaf and/or hard-of-hearing and fully hearing students which offers a communal workshop experience focussed on green screen technology: the chroma-key technique that places people and objects in virtual settings.  Participants use the interactive set-up to become stars of original scenarios, to discover the tricks of film production and to test out the creation of special effects for themselves.
The activity is modulated according to the age of the participants.

In-segnare Cinecittà is a project curated by the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off, in collaboration with “Senza titolo” Progetti aperti alla Cultura.

Tours available

  • Workshops
  • Full green ahead! Ages 5-11
  • Full green ahead! Ages 12 – 18


Interactive Tours

  • Travelling through the city of cinema Ages 8- 13
  • Walking through Ancient Rome Ages 5-11
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