Our workshops offer children and young adults the opportunity to discover and actively engage with the content of the exhibitions: from the history of Cinecittà displayed in the set designs, costumes and characters that made the Studios famous to the interactive rooms in Backstage which demonstrate how a film is made, the professional roles in moviemaking and the industry. Each visit includes an exhibition tour that presents the chosen theme to the students followed by a workshop that delves deeply into the content.

For the stop motion animation workshops, consult the Cinema Days Section
Guided and interactive tours of Cinecittà (Ancient Rome, Jerusalem) are available only on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm
(last entrance 4.30 pm).


Miniature gardens – New

This activity offers the opportunity for a first-hand experience of the world of film “make believe” and the discovery of set design through exploration of the sets of Un medico in famiglia and the landscape sets in Cinecittà Park. Participants travel through fairytale lands, a Wild West saloon and a small wood and experiment with the art of set design, creating three dimensional models of miniature gardens.

Target group: Pre-school, Primary School (years 1,2)

Activity type: Didactic workshop

Screen Magic  

A tour that introduces the magic of film with a combination of light, shadow and sound. Images taken from famous films, silhouettes, an interactive display and exciting storytelling allow participants to experience performances, invent new tales and discover the magic of moving images and stories.

Target group: Pre-school, Primary School (years 1,2)

Activity type: Didactic workshop

Go Green!

This activity introduces the audience to the Green Screen, the chroma key technology which places people and objects in virtual settings. Thanks to an interactive set-up, participants populate unusual scenarios, learn the tricks of film fiction, and make their own setting using a collage technique.

Target group: Pre-school, Primary School (years 1,2)

Activity type: Didactic workshop

Emotions on screen: in an actor’s shoes – New

Dramatic surroundings, unusual props and fairytale costumes are the starting point for a deep dive into the world of famous films and a reflection on how to create stories and characters worthy of a film. This workshop offers participants the opportunity to invent new characters and explore the work of an actor, creating an experience from identity and emotion that will be performed as brief sketches.



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