Educational Department

Cinecittà’s educational Department opened in 2011, together with the exhibition Cinecittà Shows Off, with the goal of visitors becoming acquainted with various disciplines of cinema and the past and present of the Studios, highlighting the historical and architectural heritage of Cinecittà, along with the permanent exhibitions on display.

A number of tours and activities are offered to students and to education-oriented institutions, individual visitors and families, and all age groups interested in exploring the Studios and their legendary protagonists.

The activities of Cinecittà’s educational Department are designed to create an active and dynamic space where cinema, culture, education, and entertainment come together. The activities vary according to different age groups and are based on direct observation and practical workshops organized by specialized staff.

The schedule of educational activities is curated by Barbara Goretti, who heads the educational Department at Cinecittà Shows Off.

The initiatives are designed and created in collaboration with “Senza titolo” Progetti aperti alla Cultura


 Every Sunday Cinebimbicittà offers a wide variety of activities: workshops, special events, interactive visits, activities for children and parents all await you, to let the little ones learn about the magical world of cinema and explore the history of Cinecittà.

School offer

Supported by some of the greatest stories of the big screen, Cinecittà’s tours, exhibitions and workshops are a testament to the Studio’s glorious existence: Different educational paths are designed for the various age groups and rely on direct observation and workshops.


Plan your birthday in the temple of cinema

Cinecittà Shows Off offers its premises for birthday parties, designing the celebration in fun and creative ways, offering a number of itineraries and age-appropriate workshops, where guests live out a magical afternoon inspired by the art of cinema.

Special projects

Since 2011 the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off has been collaborating with a number of associations and public institutions to develop several special projects aiming at promoting culture, film knowledge and social inclusion.

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