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It is not the case that there is one world inside the screen, lit up in the dark room, and outside another, a different one, clearly separated by a lack of continuity, an ocean or an abyss. The dark room disappears, the screen is a magnifying glass that hovers over the daily life of outside, making one stop to consider what the naked eye would normally glide over.
Italo Calvino

The Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images engages a wide range of target audiences with a continuative programme of education, research and communication that focusses on cinema and the built and immaterial heritage of Cinecittà.


The programme for the 2023/24 academic year concentrates on the cross-contamination of art and film and the interdisciplinary nature of style, starting at the intersection of cinema and the audiovisual.

The educational activities – guided and interactive tours, learning workshops – are tailored for schools of all grades and specializations, allowing students to discover the history of Italian and international cinema and to experience cinema techniques, contemporary art, photography, and the creative process behind set and costume design.

Each activity is tailored to the age of the school group.  The guided and interactive tours and workshops linked to the exhibitions of Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images can be booked everyday (except Tuesday) from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.; last entrance at 4.30 p.m..

The Educational Department gives schools the option of a double visit with a guided or interactive tour of MIAC plus a workshop at Cinecittà Shows Off, thereby gaining a wider knowledge of Cinecittà’s history, the links between art and cinema and the experimentation of a range of expressive styles.

All the educational activities are available in Italian, English, French and Spanish:  it is also possible to arrange special routes for pre-schoolers and for those with reduced sight or hearing.

All the guided and interactive tours  and workshops for the 2023/24 academic year *

For information and to book, contact:

The educational activities for schools provided by the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC – Direction Communication Cinecittà is curated by Barbara Goretti in partnership with “Senza titolo” – Progetti aperti alla cultura


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