All the areas of Cinecittà Shows Off – exhibitions, sets, park, caffè – are accessible to visitors with disabilities, pregnant women, children in buggies and the elderly.

Set visits, accessible only on the guided tours, last 60 minutes and cover a distance of approximately 1 km; they are all outdoor and do not feature significant slopes or steps.

A wheelchair is available free of charge to allow visitors with reduced mobility to complete their visit more easily. The wheelchair can be requested at the museum’s ticket office.

Services for visitors with motor impairment and a changing mat for children are available in the exhibition areas and the Caffè.

Animals are not permitted to any area of Cinecittà Shows Off with the exception of seeing eye dogs for blind or partially sighted visitors.

Accessible guided tours

The Educational Department, working with “Senza titolo” Progetti aperti alla Cultura, creates accessible projects and activities, activating different methods of communication to make Cinecittà Shows Off increasingly inclusive and accessible to every visitor. It is equipped to host associations and groups with disabilities, structuring tours for people with mobility, sensorial and psychic impairments.

Italian Sign Language tours

Guided and interactive tours and workshops in Italian sign language (LIS) can be booked up to 15 days before the date of the visit. The activities, guided by specialist sign language educators, include tours of the sets and exhibitions. A range of activities are available for families and individuals and for every school grade and type.

Tactile tours

Tactile tours for the partially sighted and blind can be booked up to 15 days before the date of the visit. The tactile tours, guided by specialized museum educators, are aimed at visiting families and individuals and every school grade and type, providing the public with the opportunity to discover the exhibitions and the stories and sets of cinema. For information and bookings, write to

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    Spring Attitude Festival 2023

    Cinecittà si Mostra and Italian Museum of Moving Images (MIAC) will be closed to the public on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th for the Spring Attitude Festival 2023 event.
    The permanent set of Ancient Rome is not accessible due to works taking place in the studios.

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