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Cinecittà opened to the public in 2011 with the project Cinecittà Shows Off, a cultural initiative that shows off the cinematic, historic and architectural heritage of the Studios, offering visitors a deep dive into the great history of the city of cinema.

The showcased scenes, costumes, props, footage and period photographs narrate the history of Cinecittà and of the film productions that have contributed to its legend since 1937.

Every day we work to create a unique, immersive and interactive experience for our visitors.

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As soon as it opened, Cinecittà Shows Off began offering educational initiatives with the goal of letting young people explore the history of cinema and its trades. And since 2011, thousands of students have visited Cinecittà Shows Off, taking part in guided tours and diverse workshops.

We work to share with the public the beauty of this place and the importance of the work that goes on here, to make a visit to the Studios both interesting and pleasant, alternating moments of in-depth observation with moments of relaxation, in the green spaces and the stylish Il Caffè di Cinecittà.

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