Cinebimbicittà is designed for younger children with the aim of introducing the expressive styles and professions of cinema and the history and stars of Cinecittà with an articulated programme of workshops, special events, family visits, readings and interactive tours.

Cinebimbicittà is an evocative space, a workshop designed expressly for experimenting with creativity:  costumes, set designs and films are the starting points for revealing the magic of cinema and its myriad imaginary worlds. There is so much entertainment in discovering the secrets to making a film and experiencing it first-hand!

Cinebimbicittà is a service designed to allow families to enjoy a visit to the Studios and exhibitions, safe in the knowledge that their children are safely ensconced and entertained in the workshop.


Access to Cinebimbicittà is included in the price of the exhibition ticket.

Cinebimbicittà is open on Sundays, public holidays and special occasions.

The educational activities are curated by Barbara Goretti in collaboration with “Senza titolo” Progetti aperti alla Cultura

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The adult who accompanies a child to Cinebimbicittà agrees to abide by the following regulations:

  • Access to Cinebimbicittà (“Cinebimbi”) is permitted only for children whose ages are between five (5) and twelve (12).
  • Children are welcome to stay at Cinebimbi for up to one hour and 30 minutes, or less if the time required by their activities is shorter.
  • A waiting list will be created once maximum capacity of 25 children at Cinebimbi is reached. Those interested in waiting for a space to open up may ask to have their child’s name added to the waiting list.
  • Should a child feel ill or uncomfortable while attending Cinebimbi, the child’s adult companion will be contacted immediately via cell phone. An adult companion cell phone number must be provided at the time of registration.
  • It is prohibited for an adult companion a child attending Cinebimbi to leave the Cinecittà studio grounds during the child’s stay at Cinebimbi.
  • The staff of Cinebimbi can only welcome children accompanied by an adult, who will need to show identification at the reception desk.
  • Children leaving Cinebimbi must be collected by the same person who brought them. Adult companions will be asked to show identification once again to the Cinebimbi staff.
  • Children’s toilets are located inside the Palazzina Fellini, adjacent to the Cinebimbi area. Adult companions agree to permit Cinebimbicittà staff to escort their children to the bathroom if needed during their stay, and understand that children will be led through an external corridor to access the bathroom facilities.
  • No food or drink is permitted inside Cinebimbicittà and none will be served by the Cinebimbi staff.
  • Children may not bring any personal belongings inside the Cinecimbi area.
  • Adult companions affirm that their children are not infected with any contagious illnesses, afflicted by headlice, fungi, verrucas, chronic diseases, allergies, or any illness that may be harmful to them or others while attending Cinebimbicittà.
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