From 30 June to 2 September, a new exhibition Cinecittà Iconoclasts, which accompanies the summer edition of Altaroma, focuses on the style of Raffaella Carrà.
The striking layout of the exhibition, in Teatro 1, was designed by Fabiana Giacomotti, specialist in television costume design, scientific director of the Master in Fashion Theory and Strategy at Università di Roma La Sapienza and writer, assisted by Annalisa Gnesini, curator of numerous fashion and costume exhibitions in Italy and internationally. Costumes, clothing, accessories, objects, videos, photos, designs and sketches, created by the hands of the greatest television and film costumers such as Enrico Rufini, Corrado Colabucci, Luca Sabatelli, Gabriele Mayer, Gabriella Pera, showcase the iconic traits and secret symbols of La Carrà, alongside the couture clothing by the designers who were inspired by these very characteristics.

The impeccable blonde bob, first adopted in the early 1970s and almost identical ever since; the bellybutton, displayed in the years of television censure; the elegant mischievousness and excess carried off with irony; the core palette of white, black, red and gold; the waterfall of crystals that made an innocent smile unforgettable, and a special type of crepe fabric to sheath the sexy movements.
Icon of the star system and symbol of feminine assertiveness, adored and celebrated across various milieux from television, fashion, gay activism to housewives and intellectuals: Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, stage name Raffaella Carrà, who celebrated 75 years last 18 June, of which 66 were spent in front of the cameras of global cinema and television, is an example of how success can be won and maintained by staying true to oneself.

The first exhibition dedicated to her by the world of fashion demonstrates just this, analysing the work of the great creators of cinema and television who moulded and dressed her from the early days and the work of the legendary and new fashion designers who were inspired by her.

Most of the 40 costumes on display, which were chosen from over 400, in the archives of RAI, Annamode, the dressmaker The One, and the Collezioni Carrà (belonging to Giovanni Gioia and Vincenzo Mola) have never been exhibited before. Together they display the elements, features and style traits of Raffaella Carrà in an exchange between costume and fashion that is demonstrated in the selection of clothing from designers such as Renato Balestra, Greta Boldini, Luigi Borbone, Mario Dice, Antonio Grimaldi, Giuseppe di Morabito, Guillermo Mariotto for Gattinoni, Leitmotiv, Fausto Puglisi, Marco Rambaldi, Francesco Scognamiglio and Daizy Shely.

The carefully curated photographs include a previously unpublished shot by Niccolò Moschini, son of the great impresario Pino, a long-time associate of Raffaella Carrà, while the videos were chosen from over 19,000 possibilities conserved in the archives of RAI Teche. The 100+ designs on display include some extraordinary drawings by Colabucci from the early 1970s, that plot out the preparation of “Carrà the icon”, generously loaned by Stefano Rianda.

A limited edition catalogue- gadget is also extremely special: a paper doll “tribute to Raffaella Carrà” based on the designs of Cinzia Leone and including the paper model of one of her most famous playsuits, designed by Simone Bruno of the Accademia Koefia.

“Iconoclasts – the style of Raffaella Carrà in the work of costumers and designers” opens on 30 June until 15 July 2018, with the same opening times as Cinecittà Shows Off (Wednesdays to Mondays, 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Ticket office closes at 4.30 p.m.).

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