School year 2018-2019

Educational activities for school year 2018-2019
Craft and trades in the motion picture industry

How can I forget Cinecittà’s wonder […]
I have wonderful memories of it: Cinecittà is a temple filled with artisans, fine artists, painters, and workers. I consider myself as a craftsman of the world of cinema.
[Terry Gilliam]

The Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off – the permanent exhibition created by Istituto Luce Cinecittà – was launched in 2011 with the idea of attracting audiences from all walks of life and introducing them to the history of Cinecittà and filmmaking through a continuous project of education, research and communication. The aim is to let visitors see the world of cinema up close, and explore its multiple languages, history and trades.
The multi-faceted and continuous deepening of the contents made available by Cinecitta’s Educational Department serve to enrich visitors’ knowledge of cinema, and to highlight the importance of Cinecittà Studios, which are regarded as part of Italy’s common cultural heritage.

For school year 2018-2019, Cinecittà Shows Off’s Educational Department presents an updated project, designed for all age groups, focused on “Crafts and Trades in the Motion Picture Industry,” which touches on all the professions that take a film through every stage of development contributing to the finished product. Students of all grade levels, from pre-school to University, will have the opportunity to visit the Studios and discover behind-the-scenes secrets by accessing permanent and temporary exhibitions, facilities and sets. Workshops, guided, interactive and themed tours, as well as days completely dedicated to cinema, are included in the educational offering through which participants can learn all about the complex, bewildering and magical world beyond the entrance gate of Cinecittà Studios.

Workshops are a crucial component of our educational method, and are designed according to age groups and study paths. Various film departments are observed through contemporary lenses and can be approached by each participant through a number of methods including dialogue, narration, theatre, immersive experiences and practical activities.

All educational projects are also available in English and French. Special activities can be customized – with prior request – for preschoolers or visually and/or hearing impaired visitors.

Supported by some of the greatest stories of the big screen, Cinecittà’s tours, exhibitions and workshops are a testament to the Studio’s glorious existence: Different educational paths are designed for the various age groups and rely on direct observation and workshops..

In the laboratories, students discover how film characters come to life, learn about film fiction and set design, and become immersed in the imaginative minds of famous directors and screenwriters. They come to understand how a film is born and developed, and are themselves, for a few hours, the authors of new film stories. Students take part in guided, themed or interactive set tours, exploring the places where films are created as well as the most hidden corners of Cinecittà. Between activities, students can purchase lunch to enjoy in the restoration area.

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