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Cinecittà Shows Off reopens with safety measures in place to ensure that visits to the Studios are experienced with full peace of mind.

The ample open-air spaces, outdoor and indoor routes allow for a “one-way” system both inside and outside the display areas so that a visit to the Studios can be enjoyed in total safety.



  • Online booking and ticket purchase
  • Management of visitor entrance and exit flow, restriction of visitor numbers in all time slots
  • “One-way” routes through the exhibition displays with museum staff to manage visitor numbers
  • Face masks required for visitors and museum staff
  • Temperature screening and medical station
  • Daily disinfection of all closed areas inside the exhibition, bookshop and Cinecittà Caffe
  • Plexiglass dividers and distancing signage at the Ticket Office and bookshop counters
  • Installation of hand sanitizer dispensers



  • From 10 January 2022 and until the end of the state of emergency, access will be allowed only to visitors in possession of the green COVID-19 certification obtained after completing the vaccination or recovery cycle. The provisions do not apply to children under 12 years of age or those with specific medical certifications
  • You are reminded that every visitor is individually responsible for containing infection
  • Entry to the museum is prohibited for those with temperatures equal to or higher than 37.5 °
  • Wait your turn in the queue and observe social distancing
  • Display your ticket or your booking at the Ticket Office. The Ticket Office has protective glass
  • Face masks are obligatory, including in the outdoor areas
  • Always keep the required safety distance (min. 1m) from others
  • Household groups may visit without distancing from each other
  • Respect the signage and follow the one-way route through the display areas and/or on the open-air set tour
  • Disinfect your hands or gloves with the sanitiser gel provided
  • Access to the toilets will be restricted to a maximum number at one time
  • Social distancing (min. 1m) must be observed in the bookshop
  • Follow the signs in the park and the instructions of museum staff while visiting the exhibitions and the sets


Cinecittà Shows Off is open every day (except Tuesday) from 10 am to 6pm.

The Ticket Office closes at 4.30 pm. The visit is divided into two separate experiences: the guided tour of the permanent open-air sets and the self-guided visit to the exhibition in the original buildings with a one-way route indicated in the display.

Visitors may remain onsite until closing time.

Guided tours of the sets

  • 10.30 guided tour in Italian
  • 12.30 guided tour in Italian
  • 14.30 guided tour in Italian
  • 16.30 guided tour in Italian

Guided tours of the sets in english will be available every Saturday and Sunday at 11.30 am.
Please book by writing to

The time of your visit can only be changed by contacting:
The guided tour of the open-air permanent sets – Ancient Rome, Temple of Jerusalem, Florence in 1400s – lasts approximately 60/70 minutes.

The duration of self-guided visits to the exhibition is decided by the visitor independently.
A complete visit to the Cinecitta Shows Off experience – exhibitions, open-air permanent sets, scenic elements – is estimated to take approximately 180 / 240 minutes

Special tours, VIP tours and educational open-air activities for children and families may be booked in advance by contacting

Download and compile the self-certification form for delivery to the Ticket Office on arrival



To ensure optimum organization for all visitors and to guarantee safety standards, please book the day and time of your visit to Cinecittà Shows Off by contacting:

Tickets may be purchased online from or at the Ticket Office if this has been arranged and confirmed by email. Payment by debit or credit card is highly recommended.

Tickets previously purchased for dates when Cinecittà Shows Off was closed may be used at no additional cost after booking a date and timeslot by contacting: Cinecittà Shows Off reserves the right to allow walk-ins to pay at the Ticket Office if the number of daily visitors permits.

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