Cinecittà si Mostra hosted the initiative “Alla scoperta di Roma” (“Discovering Rome”) launched by the Istituto Comprensivo “Piazza Gola,” and aimed at involving nursery school children in a three-year educational project dedicated to Ancient Rome.
Cinecittà designed a special interactive tour of the set of Ancient Rome for children aged 3 to 5, who were encouraged to dress up in period costumes and – accompanied by their grandparents – immerse themselves in the monumental set inspired by Ancient Rome that continues to be used by many film productions. Informative fact sheets were distributed as well as items suitable for nursery school children.

The project “Discovering Rome” was curated by a group of teachers of the Istituto Comprensivo di “Piazza Gola”: Maria Pia Cimino, Maria Concetta Ianniello, Silvia Mattei, Laura Parachinetto, Alessandra Romano, Giovanna Tomaselli.

The planning of Cinecittà’s educational activities and the specific assistance to the nursery school children were provided by the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off, in collaboration with “Senza titolo” – Progetti aperti alla cultura.

Educational Coordinator: Barbara Goretti,
Research and Planning: Serena Giulia Della Porta
Computer Graphic: Paola Maria Costantini
Organization of Tours and Activities: Zelda De Lillo and Marianna Dell’Aquila

The project was enjoyed by the following children:

  • Section A: Danilo, Giorgio, Samuele, Federico, Filippo, Lorenzo, Alessia e Anna
  • Section B: Riccardo, Jacopo, Giulio, Aron, Damiano, Gabriele, Maia, Chiara, Giulia, Sofia
  • Section C: Giulia, Beatrice, Arianna, Bernardo, Tommaso, Alessandro, Luca, Federico, Federico, Riccardo e Giuseppe
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