On April 28, 2017, Cinecittà’s film studios will be celebrating their 80th birthday. This meaningful anniversary will also mark the sixth year of Cinecittà Shows Off, the cultural exhibition which, since 2011, has showcased the historical and architectural heritage of the well-known Dream Factory, attracting a large number of visitors who can select from a variety of touring initiatives.

In honor of the occasion, Cinecittà Shows Off is widening its cultural offer with special tours, educational activities, events and exhibitions to entertain the visiting public for an extended period of time.

In May 2017, visitors will not only have the opportunity to visit the big sets and the historical buildings hosting the various exhibitions – Why Cinecittà, Shooting in Cinecittà and Backstage – Cinecittà’s Educational Route – but they may also enjoy special tours dedicated to some of the backstage sites usually only open to the Studios’ personnel. They will experience a stimulating and profound discovery – the origin of a set design, wrought from the hands of skilled artisans – and become enchanted with the wonder of scenic props. They will enter the hidden and fascinating world of the soundstage and discover the fanciful atmosphere of Cinegarden, delving into the secrets of a movie’s flowery staging.

Cinecitta’s birthday, on April 28, was celebrated with the special philatelic event, Cinecittà 80 – Collectible Postcards, organized by Cinecittà Shows Off, Cinecittà Studios, Istituto Luce and Poste Italiane.

For the occasion, a limited number of postcards will be issued, each featuring a select image from six archive photographs capturing the different landmark places and faces of the glorious Dream Factory.

The special tours are enriched with educational activities for children and families, who will be able to become Studios’ protagonists for a day. In the area known as Cinebimbicittà, kids will participate in workshops dedicated to the various film trades and explore different movie genres, the history of the Studios and its key players, and become immersed in the magic of cinema.

The green space will host interactive reading activities, games and a special initiative called A tutto scambio!

Along Cinecittà’s tree-lined avenues, with its big sets and props, both parents and children can take part in interactive family tours designed to create a unique opportunity to share in the fun.

To fully explore the Cinecittà experience, Cinecittà Shows Off offers “Cine Picnic” – an open-air picnic, blending a passion for cinema with an appreciation for fine food, immersed in the magical atmosphere of the sets, by the huge and mysterious Venusia statue – the large installation built for the movie Fellini’s Casanova.Visitors can select their own picnic basket at Il Caffè di Cinecittà, choosing from a variety of delicacies. They can relax on a blanket provided by the staff in one of the enchanting corners of the 5000-square-meter green area of the Studios.

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