Cinecittà is expanding its visitor routes with the exhibition MIAC: New Acquisitions.  For a permanent collection at the Italian Museum of Moving Images and Studio EL, the workplace of director Ettore Scola and set designer Luciano Ricceri.

The exhibition at MIAC is designed to spotlight the audiovisual heritage of Cinecittà, in terms of both conservation and attention to new forms of expression with an eye to the contemporary and future.  MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images has taken the first steps in creating a permanent collection with a group of new works that were created specifically in 2022.

These include 8 photographs and a video by Vanessa Beecroft which are of VB93, the extraordinary and most imposing performance of her career, created with three hundred models in October 2022 in legendary Teatro 5 on commission from Cinecittà.

The works are displayed in the exhibition space with a group of original sculptures from the Federico Fellini’s City of Women.

The 21 photographs by Anna Di Prospero, created for the Archivio Storico Luce exhibition La memoria delle Stazioni, displayed at Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica, join the homage to the female in cinema and art.

The new works, acquired thanks to the intuition of Cinecittà President, Chiara Sbarigia, dialogue with the cinematic heritage of Cinecittà and the Studios in a perspective of contamination and similarity of styles of expression that makes a visit to MIAC – the first multimedia, interactive and immersive museum dedicated to the genre in Rome – even more stimulating and relevant.

Another important acquisition is the heritage represented by Studio EL, situated in Cinecittà Studios outside MIAC. The contents of the storied Studio shared by director Ettore Scola and set designer Luciano Ricceri, whose initials E and L form its name, has become property of Cinecittà: a decision strongly supported by Ricceri’s assistants, Cinzia Lo Fazio and Ezio Di Monte, who, with Scola’s heirs, agreed to the acquisition of the material conserved in the studio.  Given the nature of this heritage, which has a special sense when conserved in the physical space where it has always been, Studio El may only be accessed on a scheduled or pre-booked tour so that visitors have a unique experience of the space that was long an authentic fulcrum of thought, creativity, exchange and talent in Cinecittà Studios, producing ideas, films and projects that shaped Italy’s cinema history.

Information and booking

MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images is open from Wednesday to Monday, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm; last entrance at 4.30 pm, when ticket office closes.

Studio EL
Studio EL, the workplace of director Ettore Scola and set designer Luciano Ricceri, may be visited exclusively with a guide from the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC on a pre-booked or scheduled tour.

The cost is €20 per participant which includes the guided tour and independent entrance to the exhibitions Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC.

– Pre-organized groups (min. 10 – max. 20 people)
– Individuals: 11, 18, 25 November 2023 at 11.00 a.m.

Guided tours of Studio El must be booked by writing to

The entrance to MIAC and Studio EL is Via Tuscolana 1055, 00173 Rome.
For more information, contact



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