Cinecittà has chosen to contribute support and assistance to the people of Ukraine, especially its children, through Save the Children a charity working on the ground to supply essential items and save innocent lives in these times of terrible warfare and physical and psychological suffering.

The company will donate half the proceeds from ticket sales to the permanent exhibition Cinecittà Shows Off (about the history of the Studios) and MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images – between 24 February and 31 May – to Save the Children.

Cinecittà Shows Off works on a daily basis to nurture and inform the imagination of thousands of children of all ages.   As the negation of dreams and imagination, war destroys the possibility for thinking about building the future.  Cinecittà is dedicated to safeguarding the imagination, dreams and fantasies of the youngest of us.

Today, therefore, Cinecittà Shows Off and MIAC – Italian Museum of Moving Images invite visitors to this unique place to demonstrate solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their children, against every form of war and violence.

More information about the Save the Children campaign is available here.

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