the Dream Factory since 1937

Since 2011, Cinecittà has been welcoming the public to "Cinecittà Shows Off", a cultural initiative aiming to showcase the historical and architectural heritage of the legendary Studios and introduce visitors to its well-preserved movie sets and routes.

The first time that I heard the name of “Cinecittà” I had the uncanny feeling that it would become an essential part of my life, the place where I would have liked to live. A city of actresses, of divas, a striking new dimension, a breathtaking dream!



This was the golden age of the Italian cinema, when the world fell in love with Fellini’s La dolce vita and the Maestro loved shooting in Cinecittà. The Studios are still a fascinating melting pot of stories that come back to life thanks to Cinecittà Shows Off, an open-air museum that renews and reinvigorates the Dream Factory, making it incredibly alive and captivating.


The educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off was created in 2011 with the goal of spreading the knowledge and culture of cinema and to let the public become acquainted with the Studios’ glorious past and present initiatives, arranging tours of their architectural heritage and permanent sets. The activities launched by the Department vary according to age groups and are led by specialized staff based on direct observation and creative laboratories.

News from Cinecittà

Il Caffè di Cinecittà and the Bookshop


Designed by Architect Emanuela Zitkowsky, Il Caffè di Cinecittà was conceived as a concept store imbued with the atmosphere of the largest and most fascinating sets of Europe, a place where visitors can enjoy excellent refreshments from the beloved cuisine of Italy. Adjacent to the stylish Caffé is the bookshop, where it is easy to become immersed in the magic of the cinema. It features a variety of Italian and foreign publications focusing on the major filmmakers and performers of the global scene.

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