Glorious costumes from recent period dramas are key elements in the new selection of original screen outfits at Cinecittà Shows Off.

These are unique pieces made with artisanal skill by great tailors for Penny Dreadful, Domina and Il mio west, and also for Napoleon and Finally Dawn with a special focus on jewels, including crowns from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.
From March 29, 2024 – every day except Tuesday- visitors of all ages will be able to admire up close costumes worn by great Italian and international stars of cinema and TV series such as Kasia Smutniak, Eva Green, Margherita Buy, Lily James, Willem Dafoe, and to contemplate a gem, the outfit created for a true music legend, David Bowie.
Download the press release for more details.
To celebrate the new costume display, the Educational Department has prepared a program of 4 dates of guided tours and educational workshops to learn about the stage costumes in the exhibition and find out about the work of costume designers and theatrical costumers.


Guided tour of the costumes
A guided tour focussing on the precious original costumes exhibited in the Presidential Palace of Cinecittà. Outfits and accessories from films such as the recent Napoleon by Ridley Scott and Finally Dawn by Saverio Costanzo and highly successful TV series including Penny Dreadful and Domina, provide a starting point to bring the public closer to the work of famous costume designers and theatrical costumers.
Dates: 7 and 21 April, 12 and 26 May 2024 at 11.30 am

Costume designers for a day
Visit with workshop for children (5 – 12 years)
A fun workshop that reveals the characters hiding behind the costumes while travelling through a range of atmospheres and eras from Augustus’ Rome to Napoleon’s France and the Far West of the cowboys. A route that allows participants to discover the work of the costume designer and create sketches for cinema-ready costumes.
Dates: 7 and 21 April, 12 and 26 May 2024 at 11.30 am

Information and reservations
Guided tours and workshops are included in the entrance ticket.
Reservations are required and must be made in writing to by 11.00 am on the day before the visit.

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