Cinecittà includes 19 indoor sound stages and a number of outdoor sets that from time to time undergo different setups according to the needs of the ongoing film and TV productions. Three large permanent sets can be toured every day with specialized guides.


The set of Ancient Rome – built for the HBO TV series Rome – is one of the largest sets at Cinecittà and covers almost ten acres.

It presents the classic civil and religious buildings of the Roman Forum. The supporting structures are covered with wooden panels and fiberglass plates. The monumental set is characterized by a striking mix of colors: The bold hues of red, blue and green, along with the vibrant décor, help visitors visualize what the now whitened ruins actually looked like in the days of the Roman Republic.

Some of the major productions hosted on this set: Rome (HBO TV series), the 2015 Victoria’s Secret commercial, the Smart commercial, The Borgias (TV series), a performance by the British band Coldplay, the making of Ligabue’s videoclip for the song Per Sempre.


The set of the Temple of Jerusalem was designed for the movie The Young Messiah directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh in 2016 by Francesco Frigeri – known for his work on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

To create the Temple, the designer did not adhere to a strictly philological approach, in fact he opted for broad creative freedom, combining different styles, influences and architectures, and drawing inspiration from Babylonian, Assyrian and Northern Yemenite edifices.

The fiberglass structure presents materials, decorations and shapes which provide an extremely realistic effect; designers and sculptors strived to achieve the closest resemblance to the original buildings, through stone casts and molds.


The set of Florence in 1400 was designed by Marco Dentici for the 2002 Italian TV series Francesco by Michele Soavi, starring Raoul Bova.

Afterwards, the set was adapted for other shoots. In  2010 the church façade was modified to match the typical Tuscan architectural style of the 15th century, for the filming of Neri Parenti’s Amici Miei – Come Tutto ebbe Inizio, the prequel of the cult-movie Amici Miei directed by Mario Monicelli.

In 2012, the set was partially re-adapted to recreate the city of Verona for Carlo Carlei’s Romeo and Juliet, with Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, and Hailee Steinfeld.

The set underwent another change in 2015 for the movie The Young Messiah with a portion transformed into a landscape of the time of Jesus.


Temporary closure of the Florence in 1400 set
We’re working very hard to make your experience better than ever.
The Florence in 1400 set is closed due to extraordinary maintenance, alternatively you can discover one of the most evocative place of Cinecittà, our main props stoarage, which usually is not part of the guided tour. As always you can still enjoy our others permanent sets: Ancient Rome and The temple of Jerusalem.

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