Since 2011 the educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off has been collaborating with a number of associations and public institutions to develop several special projects aiming at promoting culture, film knowledge and social inclusion.


Animazioni d’Autore (Arthouse Animated Films)

Since 2015 the Educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off has run an ongoing project entitled Animazioni d’autore, which is continually being honed with new content and collaborations to offer appealing educational activities and workshops to families, students of all grades and visitors in general who are interested in exploring the animation process.


Pinocchio a Colle

The educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off has created workshops for ‘Pinocchio a Colle’ – an event held in the town of Colle Val d’Elsa, birthplace of the illustrious author Carlo Lorenzini, better known by his pen name, Carlo Collodi.


“Growing Up in Rome”

Cinecittà Shows Off has taken part in the project “Growing Up in Rome,” the first “survival” guide for parents of children aged 0-12. This guide provides a plethora of practical information and useful advice, recommending the most interesting educational play areas in the city.


Istituto Comprensivo Piazza Gola

The educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off – in collaboration with school teachers – creates customized routes, to offer special and in-depth projects to student classes.


Giffoni Experience/Mukko Pallino

In 2011 the educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off took part in the Giffoni Experience and was presented in the popular broadcast, Mukko Pallino.


Cinecittà Shows Off – Special Needs

The educational Department of Cinecittà Shows Off, in collaboration with “Senza titolo” – Progetti aperti alla Cultura, has designed a number of activities for people with special needs, offering them customized services and dedicated staff.

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