Briefing on Privacy: information brief pursuant to article 10, subsection 1, of law 675/96 on the safeguarding of personally identifiable information, and article 13 of legislative decree of 30 June 2003, n. 196.

The data requested from you will be used by Cinecittà District Entertainment S.r.l. in strict compliance with the provisions of law 675 of 31.12.1996 and legislative decree of 30 June 2003 concerning the safeguarding of personally identifiable data, for requirements relating to company activities (consultation, utilisation, statistical processing), research objectives and the selection of personnel, and for which both manual and computerised procedures will be used.

You have the right to withhold some the data requested but be advised that by so doing you could compromise selection process procedures. The data will be kept, unless you request otherwise, for the performance of additional selection procedures, prior – whenever necessary – to being updated. Pursuant to the provisions of article 13 of law 675 of 31.12.1996, you may, at any time, consult, modify or cancel such data.

The company Cinecittà District Entertainment S.r.l. is the data holder and performs the data handling.
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Cinecittà District Entertainment S.r.l.
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