The Temple of Jerusalem


This set was created for the movie The Young Messiah, due out in 2016.

The film, written by Cyrus Nowrasteh in collaboration  with his wife Betsy, is loosely based on Anne Rice’s best-seller Christ the lord: Out of Egypt, whose story revolves around Jesus’ first years of life, and narrates the journey he embarked on with his parents from Egypt to Nazareth as well as the moment when he discovered he was the son of God.

The set was designed by Francesco Frigeri,  who also worked for The Passion, and features the Temple of Jerusalem.

Frigeri’s temple is not the result of mere philological research and archeological exploration. Frigeri is an inspired designer, creative and free, who loves blending diverse  genres. His temple is a combination of various architectural styles, a technique already tested in The Passion. His temple is inspired to Babylonian,  Assyrian and Yemeni remains,  even if they do not necessarily mirror the original structure.

Frigeri’s construction features two elements of the original temple: The main entrance, known as Golden Gate (the whole building was actually covered with gold) and the Courtyard of the Gentiles. Nevertheless, these components represent a limited portion of the temple which - according to historical sources - covered  a much larger surface.

The whole structure is made of fiberglass: Frigeri was able to achieve a highly realistic effect thanks to the work of his sculptors as well as the use of numerous stone casts. Furnishings and candelabras are his own inventions.