This 5-acre set beautifully reproduces parts of ancient Rome in the time of Julius Caesar. Made for the Anglo-American TV series with the same name and broadcast in Italy by RAI 2 in 2006, this extremely popular production revived a genre that was extremely successful in the ‘60s: the so-called Italian Peplum and colossal US movies such as Cleopatra and Ben Hur

The set design also presents a classic ensemble of the main civil and religious structures of the Roman Forum.

The load-bearing structures are covered with wooden panels and leaded glass plates. Apart from its obvious monumentality, the set’s main characteristic is its strong chromatic quality: red, blue and green mixed with vivacious decorations let the public – accustomed to visualizing “white” ruins – discover the vibrant original colours of the Roman Republic.

In recent months the set has been re-adapted for the shoot of an episode of the TV series I Cesaroni, the fiction The Borgias and a commercial for the new project Smart, as well as a live concert by the famous British band Coldplay.