Organized Groups

Next stop: Cinecittà!


Special offers have been created for organized groups wishing to visit Cinecittà, and such visits can be planned to accommodate specialized needs and preferences.

Tours of Cinecittà follow interior routes as well as exterior sets, and are led by specialized guides. Itineraries generally last two hours, but could exceed that length given the wide areas to be explored. Various types of visits are offered, each of them unique, to unveil the behind-the-scenes story of the Dream Factory.

Outdoor Set Visit

The Outdoor Set Visit covers the sets of Cinecittà, Ancient Rome, 15th Century Florence and the Temple of Jerusalem.  In addition to sharing the story of Cinecittà, and the beyond exploration of its sets, this tour allows visitors access to enchanted places such as Galleria Masse and one of the soundstages (schedule dependent on productions underway).

The Architectonic Project

This itinerary is dedicated to exploring Cinecittà’s most hidden corners with analysis of the Rationalist movement in architecture and its development with regard to the historical period and the urban changes that took place in Rome in the 1930s and ‘40s.

Federico Fellini at Cinecittà

 This tour focuses on the personality of Federico Fellini and includes screenings, a visit to the areas dedicated to him, and an outdoor route including two Cinecittà sets:Ancient Rome, Temple of Jerusalem and Teatro 5 (whose exterior grounds are always available for visits, whereas the interiors can only be visited according to production schedules). Please note that in-depth tours may be arranged upon request. Contact the Educational Activities Office for further information.

The Cinecittà Cafè

The Cafè, inspired by the soundstages of the ‘30s, certainly deserves a visit. Take a break from the sights and sounds and enjoy the tastes of cinema. Our special menus are value-added when purchased in combination with your admission ticket.

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