Adults and Families


The exhibition tells the story of Cinecittà through the scenes, costumes and characters that contributed to its fame.

The Cinecittà sets are open daily, with guided tours every 90 minutes. Reservations are not required.

Cinecittà Shows Off also offers the option to take part in a variety of specialized visits (reservations required).

 NEW! Fellini Special (Available through June 23, 2013)

Cinecittà opens the door to Teatro 5 with exclusive visits to the set where Ettore Scola has recently wrapped the filming of Che strano chiamarsi Federico - the film dedicated to Federico Fellini. There the public can discover the life, the places and the passions of the great Maestro via the beguiling set designs created by Luciano Ricceri.

The itinerary includes:  Venusia, Palazzina Fellini (a wide selection of costumes from Federico Fellini’s films), Teatro 5.

Customers: Groups with reservation (minimum 10 people): Guided visit.



Guided visits

A visit to the Cinecittà sets, Ancient Rome, Temple of Jerusalem, Florence in 1400,  including the history and the sets of the Dream Factory and such evocative places as Galleria Masse and a sound stage (subject  to availability).

Customers: Groups with reservation (minimum of 10 people): Guided visit.


Guided Visits

This itinerary is dedicated to the story of Cinecittà and to its architectonic project, from the inception of the Architect Gino Peressutti up to the present day. Journey through Cinecittà’s most hidden corners  and analyse the style of the rationalist architecture and of its different developments with regards to the historical period and the urban changes that took place in Rome between the 1930a and 40s.

Customers Group reservations (minimum of 10 people): Guided visit.


Cinecittà, Family Style

Interactive visit to the sets for parents and children

Discover Federico Fellini’s Venusia, the sets of ancient Rome andd Temple of Jerusalem on this  visit including many amusing activities for adults and children.

Customers: Group reservations (minimum of 10 people): interactive visit for children (minimum of 5 children) accompanied by adults.