Cinecittà Shows Off provides public access to the Dream Factory. The touring experience is divided into two distinct phases: the visit to the exhibitions in the historical buildings and the visit to the permanent sets.


The tours to the historical Palazzina Fellini and Palazzina Presidenziale can be arranged independently. Visitors can spend as much of the tour time as they wish on their own, watching videos, reading fun facts, enjoying  photographs and interacting with multimedia contents without the aid of a guide. The estimated time for this tour is from 60 to 90 minutes.


Tours to the permanent sets cannot be taken independently but require the presence of a guide from the Educational Department. The guide accompanies the visitors and shares with them all the secrets and stories of the productions that took place there. The estimated time for this tour is about 60 minutes.

Temporary closure of the Florence in 1400 set
We’re working very hard to make your experience better than ever.
The Florence in 1400 set is closed due to extraordinary maintenance, alternatively you can discover one of the most evocative place of Cinecittà, our main props stoarage, which usually is not part of the guided tour. As always you can still enjoy our others permanent sets: Ancient Rome and The temple of Jerusalem.

Useful informations

Teatro 5: It is only possible to visit the legendary soundstage Teatro 5 when it is not occupied by ongoing productions. Teatro 5 is only accessible when it is not set up for filming.

“Un Medico in Famiglia”: Visitors can see the exterior sets of the TV series “Un Medico in Famiglia,” which features the small cottages representing the homes of the series’ main characters. The interior scenes are shot on soundstages not accessible to the public..

Big Brother House: No access is provided to this set.


The exhibition halls are equipped with toilet facilities, with baby-changing tables and kid-friendly services. No toilets are provided on the outdoor grounds.

The areas open to the public are free of steps or barriers of any kind, with the exception of a gravel path, which is nevertheless accessible for wheelchairs or strollers.



Make sure that the entry stamp is visible until the end of the visit.

Riprese fotografiche e video

Silence should be observed in the exhibition halls.

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No food or beverages are allowed in the exhibition halls.

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No animals are allowed in the exhibition halls, except guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Apporre in maniera visibil

Smoking is not permitted indoors.

Riprese fotografiche e video

The exhibition has no cloakroom.

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Limited baggage storage service is provided.

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Amateur videos and photographs are allowed in all areas open to the public.*

* Professional filming, commercial videos or copying of the works need to be authorized by the Cinecittà Studios’ Administration Office. Permission requests can be sent:

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