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Winter Film Show

From January 28 to March 13 2016, Cinecittà Studios was turned into a movie theatre with the exclusive screening of The Hateful Eight, the movie by Quentin Tarantino presented in a special version in 70 mm, 188 minutes, with a 3 minute 48 second overture by Maestro Morricone.

28.247 spectators
411.000€ prooceeds

The event was dominated by the number 8: Eight are the characters of this eighth work by the “Pulp Fiction” filmmaker, with 888 attendees, as per Tarantino’s wishes. Teatro 5 was divided into two equal parts: in the area dedicated to the screening, Cinecittà’s set designers, under the guide of Tonino Zera, created a large, curved, rectangular tiered structure to guarantee optimal visibility from every point, with several flights of steps, covered with a black carpet where classic movie seats can accommodate an audience of 888. A 21 x 8 meter mega screen was designed to enhance the breadth, depth, definition and spectacular quality of the 70mm images.

At the entrance, a big structure representing the snowy landscape of the movie welcomed the viewers with clear references to the evocative film story to let the audience become immersed in the atmosphere of the movie.

Cinecittà Winter Film Show was inaugurated in Teatro 5, with the international premiere of this movie attended by the film director Quentin Tarantino and Maestro Ennio Morricone, who composed the film’s music score that earned him an Oscar, after the Lifetime Achievement Award he had been presented with in 2007.

The Winter Film Show hosted other numerous screenings dedicated to Tarantino and to the director who has always inspired him, Sergio Leone. This initiative is credited for giving visibility to the areas, structures and professional offer of Cinecittà, and for paying tribute to the artists who have contributed to its legend.