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  • Cinecittà celebrates 80 years of cinema

Cinecittà celebrates 80 years of cinema

Happy Birthday Cinecittà!

On April 28, 2017, Cinecittà will be celebrating its 80th birthday. For all these decades it has been the destination of choice for some of the greatest national and international directors, the natural home of the history of Italian cinema.

Founded in 1937 with the purpose of creating the greatest city of cinema, it has always been the place where dreams are transformed into reality and where creativity comes to life through the works of great artists.

For 80 years, dreams have taken on real shape through 22 sound stages featuring the most sophisticated equipment for special effects of any kind, huge permanent sets and three exhibitions that narrate the history of the Studios and cinema, through memorable stage costumes, images, period footage and incredible set designs.

Cinecittà hosted some of the most unforgettable films of all times: From Ben-Hur to Cleopatra, from La Dolce vita to Vacanze Romane, as well as Sergio Leone’s cult movies and contemporary productions like Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York, Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2, Baltasar Kormakur’s Everest, Cyrus Nowrasteh’s The Young Messiah up to the recent remake of Ben-Hur, the US colossal movie produced by MGM and Paramount Pictures for director Timur Bekmambetov, starring Jack Huston and Morgan Freeman.

To the present date, the Studios have hosted the making of over 3000 movies, with 83 Oscar nominees and 48 winners. Cinecittà has enjoyed the talent of famed set decorators, costume designers, actors and directors who are proud to spread Italian excellence all over the world.

The Dream Factory continues to churn out movies, honoring its tradition as the second most important production center – after Hollywood, and continuing to welcome a number of influences, combining different creative trends like fashion, music, and art, and giving them room to be expressed in fashion shows, photo shoots, music video-clips and artistic installations.

On the occasion of its forthcoming 80th anniversary, Cinecittà Shows Off will launch a number of events to be unfolded throughout the year.

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